Online Baccarat

Today Baccarat card game became increasingly popular in online gambling. The old game has a special story. In the old days, Baccarat was a favourite play among aristocrats who played at high stakes. Today, the baccarat card play is also popular with high-stakes gamblers (high rollers).

The peculiarity of Baccarat is that rules should be strictly observed. Despite the fact that in Baccarat, the regulations of the play may seem to the beginner to be too complex, it is enough to understand them. Anyway, the point is that in Baccarat, it is not necessary to remember all the rules, even if you are a novice gambler. Nevertheless, you only need to place bets before distributing cards and follow the dealer’s actions that are predetermined by the latest baccarat casinos.

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How to play online baccarat?

Baccarat table online is recognized as one of the simplest card games. Its rules can be understood in just a few minutes. The main goal of the gambler and the croupier is to collect 9 scores ASAP, preferably from the start. Unlike blackjack, which has similar rules, Baccarat is known for less complicated stakes and a simple card pricing table.

General rules and game process

In the game of Baccarat provides for the participation of two: a player and dealer. In addition, the baccarat card game is played at the table, where another 14 people are entitled to bet on a player or dealer.

The main objective of the card game in Baccarat is to score points within nine. More than nine points in Baccarat cannot be dialled. If the dealer or player scores more than nine points, a dozen are deducted from the total.

In Baccarat, cards from two to nine retain their value, from 10 to King equals to zero, and Ace is scored as 1 point. For instance, Queen and 4 cards will be equal to 4, and a combination of 7 and 8 will be 5, since 7+ 8 = 15, 10 points are taken away, 5 remain. As already mentioned in online baccarat review, the play requires strict adherence to the rules.

No download baccarat online starts with the distribution to the croupier, and the gambler with 2 cards face down. In case if 1 of the participants faces a result of “natural” (nine or eight scores in total), then all other cards are opened, and the one with the score closer to nine will automatically be considered the winner. In the case of a tie, a draw is declared, and his bet is returned to the player.

If 8 or 9 does not fall to anyone, then the game continues, based on the dignity of the card among the participants. The player must stop if the sum of his cards is 7 or 6; in other cases, he must take an additional card.

After that, the croupier has the right to move. His actions depend on the scores of the cards and the additional gambler card. The croupier at online Baccarat for real money must stop if the sum of his points is 7. With six points, the croupier must take another card, but only if the gambler has a third card of 7 or 6.

With 5 points, the croupier also takes an additional card, but only when a gambler has four to seven points. If the croupier has 4 points, he can take a card if the gambler has from two to 7 points in total. If the croupier has three points, he will take another card, when the third card of the gambler has any value other than 8. With a score of 2 to 0, the croupier, in any case, takes an additional card.

After that, both the dealer and the player must open their cards. The winner is the one whose sum of points is closer to 9.

After that, both the dealer and the player must open their cards. The winner is the one whose sum of points is closer to 9.

The table markings and peculiarities

The table for online Baccarat has some specific peculiarities. Though mainly it resembles a table for Mini-Baccarat. Its features are as follows:

  • Looks like a mini-baccarat table.
  • Only one player takes part.
  • Virtual dealer.
  • The ability to make small bets.

Baccarat Card Values

All numeric (from 2 to 9) cards are counted in their face value. Nine gives 9 points, eight – 8 and so on. All cards with pictures give 0 points. Aces present 1 point.

How to Win

Every new online baccarat casinos frequenter tends to save and increase a bankroll. According to statistics, the lion’s share of players fail comes not because of a series of bad luck in the hands, but because they take too much risk. Simply put, their risk is incomparable with their capabilities. Remember a few simple rules that will help not to fail (they are by the way universal):

  • Define a time frame for fun with fortune.
  • Do not put more than 10% of your bankroll. The risk is reasonable, but only when it is justified. You cannot put too much, because it is likely to face a fiasco.
  • If fortune favours you, then postpone a certain percentage of the winnings. This will allow you to always stay in the black, even at long distances in top online casinos for Baccarat.
  • The main advantage of online casinos is the opportunity to leave the table without having received critical comments quietly. Be sure to use it if you pick a reasonable sum. Other stakes can be placed a bit later though.

Never play on the last and the more borrowed money. This will make you extremely worried about every bet that will not allow you to focus on the chosen strategy.

Use the opportunity to set a daily limit. Many online casinos will enable you to set the maximum amount that you can play in one day. This will save you from facing unnecessary lose and too risky bets.

Online Baccarat Betting Systems

Generally, Baccarat has 3 types of bets, as follows:

  • Banker stake. The advantage of a casino when betting on a banker is minimal. All you need is to place chips in the “banker” sector. Keep in mind that in some types of Baccarat, for a bet on a banker side there is a 5% commission on winnings.
  • Stake on gambler. The second best stake you can make in this game. In this case, the advantage of the casino is somewhat higher. However, no commission is charged for the victory. If you think that a gambler will succeed in this roll, then place the chips in the corresponding sector.
  • Stake on a tie (draw). A stake on a draw is the most disadvantageous of the three main types of bets. Wins if the gambler and the croupier show a similar score. Professional gamblers, as a rule, avoid betting on a draw, because such a stake is less winning. Generally, the house edge looks like 1.06% on the banker stake 1.24% on the player stake, and 14.36% odds on the draw result.

Online Baccarat Types

Baccarat has several varieties. The lion’s share of players prefer the American version, but there are other options. Nevertheless, each of the best online casino for baccarat options has the same goal of getting as close as possible to 9 points.

Chemin de Fer type of play

The top variance between this type and other varieties of the game is that here only the table participants act as opponents. Croupier only provides support for the meeting. This, at the same time, allows croupier to take from the bank 5% as a fee. The primary goal of the croupier is to resolve disputes and keep a playing process according to the rules:

  • 4 or fewer points, the gambler must take a card.
  • When collecting a combination of 7 or 6 points, there will be no 3rd card.
  • only 5 points, a gambler can decide for himself whether he needs an additional one or not.

Punto Banco game variant

One of the varieties of European gambling baccarat is called Punto Banco. It uses 8 or 6 decks of 52 cards. Jokers are excluded from each deck. The battle takes place on a special table with the appropriate markings. The participant can choose any of the 16 boxes provided. The cards are distributed exclusively to the dealer who acts on behalf of the casino.

If you play Baccarat online, the top task of playing this variant of the play is to determine the winner of each successive round correctly. A calculation of points and the evaluation of the cards are made according to generally accepted regulations that are provided for in other versions of Baccarat. Also, there are so-called combinations like “natural”. They consist of 2 cards totalling nine or eight points.

Super Pan 9 variant

This version of the game provides the player with a wider field of action in terms of choosing a strategy, since all bets are made immediately before the cards are dealt.

Three Card Baccarat option

This version of the game owes its appearance to Macau gambling houses, but in fact it is just a simpler version of Punto Banco.

EZ Baccarat type of play

This is another type of Baccarat in which all the difference is manifested in the types of bets. In all other respects, it is completely similar to the classic version of the game

Baccarat Variants by Stakes

In the world of baccarat websites, there are also varieties of Baccarat, depending on the size of the bets. In this case, the player can choose what amount of bets and, respectively, the winnings should be. That is why such varieties of the game as Mini-Baccarat and high stakes Baccarat appeared.

Mini Baccarat

For Mini-Baccarat, 6 to 8 ordinary decks are used (without jokers), and the cards are folded after mixing in a “sabot” – a special box. All played cards are subsequently moved to a special bump stop.

It is worth noting that in front of classic Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat has significantly lower betting limits, and this makes the game much more affordable. Betting is the only action that the player must do; the dealer performs the remaining operations at the table. As a result, there will be no problems and difficulties even for the one who sits down at the gambling table for the first time.

A few words about the purpose of the game. It is no different from other types of Baccarat. The same three types of bets – a bet to win a player, a bet to win a dealer or a bet to a draw. The maximum number of participants for a mini-baccarat is 7 people. Accordingly, the same amount of markings is applied to the mini-baccarat table.

High Stakes Baccarat

High Limit Baccarat – online Baccarat with high stakes and standard rules. Top Limit Baccarat uses eight standard fifty-two sheets of decks each, which are mixed before each hand.

Online Baccarat Vs Traditional Variant of Baccarat

An online game is almost the same as playing in an offline casino. There are a dealer and other players. The only difference is that you are at home or in any convenient place where you feel comfortable. The same applies to other players. Given this fact, it becomes clear that such a game has no distinct differences from playing in any offline casino, i.e. there are still high stakes and little time to think about your next step.

The mobile version of Baccarat is a game in an online casino with the only difference that you start the game not on your computer, but on your phone. This makes it even more accessible because you can play anywhere and anytime, without any restrictions. Rates here are also low.

How to Select a Baccarat Online

In order to choose a decent online casino for playing Baccarat, it is necessary to take into account specific criteria that such a casino should have. These criteria include:

  • Among experienced players, there is a perception that the percentage of payments measures the safety of a website, the easier is the process of withdrawal – the higher the trust. Ideally, this number should aim for 100%.
  • At first glance, it is difficult to appreciate, but as soon as you need to resolve the money issue, you will immediately understand who you can trust, since large playgrounds solve controversial money issues in favour of regular players to maintain their reputation.
  • Give maximum attention to this issue. All your cash flows and credit card information should be in safe hands, therefore, pay attention to the availability of quality certificates, audits and data encryption.
  • The popularity of the institution among the players is one of the most reliable indicators.

Mobile Baccarat Option

If you are lucky enough to find a casino that specializes in play baccarat online for money, and thus represents many of its varieties, then you’re in luck. Usually, online casinos include Baccarat games in their range among the many others. A casino with a good reputation will offer to familiarize themselves with its policies, bonuses, payout tables, etc. There you can also find a mobile version of your favourite game, as well as a live room, in which the bright atmosphere of a real game at high stakes will remain. Today, Mobile Baccarat is one of the most popular online games!

Best Online Baccarat Casinos 2019

Today, there are thousands of online casinos that offer different variations of Baccarat. However, the best of them also offer various huge bonuses and incredible winnings. Among such casinos, first of all, the following should be noted:

  • City.
  • Unibet Casino.
  • PartyCasino.
  • Mr Green Casino.

Online Baccarat FAQ

If you have any questions in this section are the most popular and frequent questions from online players. However, in case you need a more detailed answer, you can contact the support service.

Why Do High Rollers Like Baccarat?

Mostly because of huge payouts and a wish to show other players who are the boss at the table. If you are a highroller, this is your best option!

Does Card Counting Work at Baccarat?

Yes, it works, and moreover, lots of online gamblers use some strategies with card counting in Baccarat. Usually, this comes with practice and experience.

What is Punto Banco Play Variant?

It is one of playing options with certain rules that are based on general rules of its basic variant.


Baccarat is not such a challenging game for money, so it is quite suitable for beginners. And yet, in order to understand the essence and characteristics of internet Baccarat, it is best to start with a demo version that will allow the beginner to feel the atmosphere of the game, as well as explore various options. Also, before starting the game, be sure to read all the rules. When you practice on free demo versions at an online casino, you can already start playing for real money.

Be sure to decide on the bank, since no one guarantees easy winnings in online baccarat sites. It is better to know in advance how much loss will be painless for you. As in any other gambling game for money, there are no universal strategies in Baccarat that guarantee a win. But there are such rules for players that will increase their chances of winning.