Mini Baccarat Online

Mini Baccarat as the name implies is a smaller, lower-stakes version of the Punto Banco (North American) Baccarat.

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How to Play Mini Baccarat Game - Rules

The rules are the same as in the standard version of the game, the objective of the game is betting on the hand with a score closest to nine. You can either bet on the player, banker or a tie, although the tie is sometimes infamously called a “sucker bet” because of the low hit frequency, if you manage to hit it thought it’s has a generous 8 to 1 payout.

Card Values

The card values are a little different than most games and they are as follows:

  • Cards 2-9 have their face values
  • Aces are worth 1 point
  • Anything above 9 is worth 0 points (drawing a nine and a king will leave your score with just a nine)
  • If your final score goes over 9 the total sum is reduced by 10 and the number remaining is your final score (drawing two 9s will leave you with a final score of 8)

The player with the highest bid is the punto or the player that others can bet on, of course you can bet on the banker as well and with a slightly higher win percentage it’s usually the safest bet. The downside is the 5% commission that most casinos have when betting on the banker. Baccarat is also one of the casino card games with the lowest house edge and betting on the banker or the player yields a 1:1 payout.

Mini Baccarat vs Baccarat

If you want to play Mini Baccarat online you should first know the difference between the base version and the mini one. Although the rules are the same there are some key differences between baccarat and mini baccarat:

  • Table size - mini baccarat is played on a smaller table than the regular version of the game, hosting up to 7 players and a dealer as opposed to 12 in Baccarat, this is great for people that don’t like a big crowd.
  • Game Speed – The number of plays or decisions a player makes in a standard game of Baccarat is around 40 per hour of playing, comparatively in a mini baccarat game the players will sometimes go up to 200 decisions an hour. This is a fast game, with little time to stop and think and there isn’t much to think about anyway, every round is a coin flip so you’ll just have to rely on lady luck for guidance.
  • Table Limits – This is of course one of the key differences between the two versions, mini-baccarat card game online is usually played with lower stakes than the standard game, but don’t be fooled into thinking this makes it any safer to play, the fact that it’s many times faster means that you’ll easily go on either winning or losing streaks and this can quickly add up.

If you want a faster version of Baccarat that has more of a casual tone to it then mini baccarat might be the version you’re looking for.

Mini Baccarat Tips and Strategies

If you’re going to play mini baccarat online for real money it’s good to know a few tips before playing:

  • Bet on the banker – The banker has the highest win percentage and this is also the reason why there’s a commission when betting on the banker, it would lower the already low house edge by a huge amount
  • Don’t fall for the “suckers bet” – betting on a tie is not the smartest bet to take, even with an 8 to 1 payout it will happen so rarely that it’s just not worth it.
  • There are no systems – Every new round is a fresh flip of the coin, either the banker or the player wins, there is basically no strategy to this game and it’s based purely on chance, so going with your instinct is as good of a strategy as any, although there might be a few exceptions to the rule.
  • Ride the streak- like I said there are no systems and every new round can really go either way, this also means that the player or the banker can go on long winning streaks. Just because the banker won 3 in a row doesn’t mean that he won’t win 3 more and he even has a slight edge over the player so sometimes riding a winning streak can lead to a massive payout.
  • Pocket your winnings – This is applicable to any version of baccarat or any gambling game in general but knowing how to put aside your winnings can be the difference of you walking away with some extra money or empty handed. This will affect your overall gaming experience and your enjoyment of the game and in a game as fast as Mini Baccarat knowing when to stop is a crucial skill to have.

Play Mini Baccarat Online

Now that you know how to play mini baccarat online you’ll just have to decide between the live dealer version and the virtual one.

  • Live mini baccarat – is streamed in real time with a real dealer and it makes the experience more immersive and enjoyable. You can chat with the dealer or the other players at the table and is a choice especially when playing the more casual mini baccarat version of the game.
  • Regular mini baccarat – This is the standard virtual version of the game that you’ll find at many online casinos. It’s simpler to load up and play and has less bells and whistles than the live version so if you’re just interested in relaxing while enjoying your game this is a good option for you. The cards are dealt by an RNG (random number generator) program so again there are no systems to decipher or patterns to spot.

You can also play mini baccarat online for free to see if the game suits your play style and most casinos a mobile mini baccarat version of the game or even a dedicated mini baccarat casino app so you can enjoy it on the move.

Some versions of the game even have a special mini baccarat dragon bonus side bet, the wining conditions are:

  • Your hand is a natural winner
  • Your non-natural hand wins by at least 4 points

Although some casinos have a slightly different win conditions and payouts on this particular side bet but it’s mostly a high-risk high-reward type of bet.

In Conclusion

Mini baccarat is a faster more casual version of the Punto Banco Baccarat, it’s good for players that are looking for a faster pace than the standard version provides as well as a more relax environment to play in, so if this sounds good to you give it a shot.